PlayStation E3 2014

In 2011, a group of friends started The Firmware Update to talk about their mutual love of all things PlayStation. With the PS3 just barely starting to turn things around, it was bold of them. Over the course of six years and roughly 200 episodes, show creators and co-hosts Joe Garcia and Malcolm Spinedi have kept that spirit alive, bringing listeners the latest news, reviewing the latest games, putting on massive Game of the Year tournaments, and even interviewing a few media luminaries along the way.

As a humble two-man operation, we’re already thankful to everyone who’s supported us over the years. Now we ask for your help to take The Firmware Update to the next level. Patrons of the show can get their hands on some sweet perks — these include things such as bonus shows, Google Hangouts sessions, and more!

By sponsoring us on Patreon, you can help us make The Firmware Update bigger and better. Helping us out here could mean better equipment to record our shows, give us the funds to cover the latest games, and even give us the means to bring our show to mediums such as Twitch and YouTube. Heck, with enough help, we could make the show our full-time job, That means even more content and videos for you guys.

No matter what happens here, the show will go on. But we’d love for The Firmware Update to grow into the show we’ve always dreamed it could be, and we’d love even more to have you along for the ride.

– Joe & Malc

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