Firmware Update 1.81: Red Dead Switch-eroo

Firmware Update 1.81: Red Dead Switch-eroo

The latest episode of The Firmware Update is short but no less momentous, as Joe & Malcolm talk up the blockbuster reveals of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the newly-christened Nintendo Switch console.
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Firmware Update 1.80: Dim Spirits

Firmware Update 1.80: Dim Spirits

This week on The Firmware Update, we’re on the cusp on the release of PlayStation VR. Of course, games like Resident Evil and Call of Duty 4 dominate the conversation — topical stuff!
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Firmware Update 1.79: So Stealthy It’s Invisible

Firmware Update 1.79: So Stealthy It's Invisible

This week on The Firmware Update, hear about the latest developments out of Tokyo Game Show! Then imagine Joe and Malcolm’s surprise upon learning that The Last Guardian wouldn’t meet its latest release date. Unprecedented!
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Firmware Update 1.78: PlayStation 4 Pro & Slim Reactions

Firmware Update 1.78: PlayStation 4 Pro & Slim Reactions

On this special episode of The Firmware Update, Joe & Malcolm share their piping hot takes on the new hardware Sony revealed at their PlayStation Meeting in New York City. What’s all up in the PS4 Slim and newly christened PS4 Pro? When are these puppies out? Get in here and find out!
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Firmware Update 1.77: Slim Shady

Firmware Update 1.77: Slim Shady

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This week on The Firmware Update, Joe and Malcolm catch up on a huge backlog of news, not least of which includes a redesigned PS4 leaking ahead of Sony’s big event in New York City. Also, Malcolm becomes a confused old man halfway through the show.
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Firmware Update 1.76: No Man’s Sky’s the Limit

Firmware Update 1.76: No Man's Sky's the Limit

This week on The Firmware Update, the long-awaited No Man’s Sky finally sees the light of day, and Joe and Malcolm are space truckin’ all over whatever galaxy the game actually takes place in. Oh, and you’ll have to wait a little while longer for something that’s already been 10 years in the making. D’oh! Continue reading

Firmware Update 1.75: Dat Boi Spark

Firmware Update 1.75: Dat Boi Spark
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This week on The Firmware Update, the sparse summer release schedule opens the door for Joe and Malcolm to be swept away by a tidal wave comprised of Pokémon Go and San Diego Comic Con trailers.
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