E3 2017 Analysis – Sony

E3 2017 Analysis - Sony

E3 2017 is underway, and Sony is looking to build on the runaway success of the PlayStation 4. Joe & Malcolm talk about what blew them away, what they thought was missing, and much more — give it a listen! Continue reading

E3 2017 Analysis – Ubisoft

E3 2017 Analysis - Ubisoft

E3 2017 is underway, and Ubisoft decided to come hard in the paint. A Mario/Rabbids crossover that people actually want to play, their stab at toys to life, pirates, assassins, and yes, a sequel that is absolutely a long time coming are all on the docket. Continue reading

E3 2017 Analysis – Bethesda

E3 2017 Analysis - Bethesda

E3 2017 is underway, and Bethesda invited us all to Bethesdaland to check out their latest wares. We got sequels we knew were coming in The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, but we also got some unexpected news out of the Elder Scrolls and VR camps. Check it out, why don’t ya! Continue reading

E3 2017 Analysis – Microsoft Media Briefing

E3 2017 Analysis - Microsoft Media Briefing

E3 2017 is underway, and Microsoft is keen on letting us know just what the heck is up with the machine formerly known as Project Scorpio. What do Joe & Malcolm think of the price, and what of all those games they showed off along the way? Jump in and find out! Continue reading

E3 2017 Analysis – EA Play

Firmware Update E3 2017 Analysis - EA Play

E3 2017 is underway, as EA and their Play event are the first to take the stage at the big show. We know Star Wars Battlefront II and EA Sports were going to have a huge presence, but what else did the publisher have in store? Come on in and find out! Continue reading

Firmware Update 1.92: Gone Gold

Firmware Update 1.92: Gone Gold

The latest news-only episode of The Firmware Update is a doozy, as game companies seem keen on revealing as much as possible right before E3 2017. The games we can expect to see at the big show, the games we definitely won’t see, and a bonafide gaming legend rides again, baby!
Continue reading

Firmware Update Special – E3 2017 Predictions

Firmware Update Special - E3 2017 Predictions

In this special episode of The Firmware Update, Joe & Malcolm hop aboard the hype train on the way to E3 2017, spreading joy and ironclad predictions for what’s going down at this year’s show. From third-party developers such as EA, Ubisoft, and Bethesda to the Big Three of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, it’s time to make an online record and be made fools in just a few days time. Continue reading