Firmware Update 2.15: Classically Trained

Firmware Update 2.15: Classically Trained

On the latest episode of The Firmware Update, Joe has felt Tetris Effect’s warmth and is ready to spread its gospel to all who will listen. Meanwhile, a whole lot of people are rootin’ and tootin’ around the wild west, and the full lineup of games featured in Sony’s PlayStation Classic microconsole leaves a lot to be desired.

Talking Points: Have you heard the good word about Tetris Effect?; Rockstar ships 17 million copies of Red Dead Redemption 2 in a matter of days; Grand Theft Auto V is still wildly popular; an awful lot of omissions from the PlayStation Classic’s lineup; Final Fantasy XV’s DLC is abruptly canceled and the game’s director leaves Square Enix entirely; EA unveils Project Atlas; is a new Titanfall due for 2019?; Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion sells below expectations; No Man’s Sky plunders the depths of the sea; Just Cause 4 goes gold; some damn PlayStation furniture, for some reason.

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