Firmware Update 2.18: Games of the Years

Firmware Update 2.18: Games of the Years

OK, then! We fell way behind our 2018 Game of the Year show and tried to get things going in May 2019. We haven’t recorded a regular episode of the show since and find ourselves smack dab in the year 2020, two GOTY shows behind.

The solution? Adopting a new monthly format, baby! Going forward, news will take a backseat in favor of talking about the games we’ve played over the past few weeks. For now, though, we each talk about our own personal favorite games of 2018 and 2019 to offer some kind of Game of the Year content, dang it.

Oh, and the world as we knew it a year ago is upside down, and there’s a whole new PlayStation coming. It’s a big episode. Continue reading

Firmware Update 2.13: 500 Million Days of Summer

Firmware Update 2.13: 500 Million Days of Summer

The latest episode of The Firmware Update is jam-packed with news out of Gamescom 2018, not to mention all the other stuff that happened since our last show. It’s a big’n! Continue reading

Firmware Update 1.92: Gone Gold

Firmware Update 1.92: Gone Gold

The latest news-only episode of The Firmware Update is a doozy, as game companies seem keen on revealing as much as possible right before E3 2017. The games we can expect to see at the big show, the games we definitely won’t see, and a bonafide gaming legend rides again, baby!
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Firmware Update 1.80: Dim Spirits

Firmware Update 1.80: Dim Spirits

This week on The Firmware Update, we’re on the cusp on the release of PlayStation VR. Of course, games like Resident Evil and Call of Duty 4 dominate the conversation — topical stuff!
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Firmware Update 1.79: So Stealthy It’s Invisible

Firmware Update 1.79: So Stealthy It's Invisible

This week on The Firmware Update, hear about the latest developments out of Tokyo Game Show! Then imagine Joe and Malcolm’s surprise upon learning that The Last Guardian wouldn’t meet its latest release date. Unprecedented!
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Firmware Update 1.46: Comeback Kids

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

This week on The Firmware Update, Joe and Malcolm aren’t the only ones returning from a prolonged absence, as Koji Igarashi announces a throwback to his Castlevania heyday. Also, E3 2015 is all but locked down, Ubisoft unveils Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and much more!

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