Firmware Update 1.80: Dim Spirits

Firmware Update 1.80: Dim Spirits

This week on The Firmware Update, we’re on the cusp on the release of PlayStation VR. Of course, games like Resident Evil and Call of Duty 4 dominate the conversation — topical stuff!
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Firmware Update 1.67: 2015 Game of the Year, Part 1

Firmware Update 1.67: 2015 Game of the Year, Part 1 - Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

Folks, it’s been a while. Our apologies, but we’re back and explain where we’ve been. Also, it’s the end of the year, so it’s time for our 2015 Game of the Year tournament! Who will win as games like The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Bloodborne, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Undertale, Mortal Kombat X, Batman: Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, and many more go head to head? Well, you’ll have to wait until we release Part 2 of our year-end blowout for the ultimate winner, but in the meantime here’s Part 1 featuring the first round of our massive 16-game tournament!
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Firmware Update 1.66: Cutting Edge

Firmware Update 1.66: Cutting Edge

This week on The Firmware Update, Malcolm’s future as a Masterchef contestant and Joe’s past as an ace cutlery salesperson intersect as they discuss the role of weight and balance in a good vegetable knife. Oh, and we’re also smack in the middle of the Fall 2015 video game rush, so they talk about some of that stuff, too.
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Firmware Update 1.65: PlayStation Does Paris

Firmware Update 1.65 - PlayStation Does Paris Games Week 2015

This week on The Firmware Update, PlayStation hits up Paris Games Week 2015 with a gaggle of announcements, which was basically what their Gamescom press conference would have been. Also, Joe and Malcolm finally watch Rick & Morty, bro.
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Firmware Update 1.63: Marital Fallout

Firmware Update 1.63: Marital Fallout - Fallout 4

This week on The Firmware Update, Joe and Malcolm are joined by Mrs. Sandra Spinedi to talk about what makes the Fallout series so gosh darned neat as the release of Fallout 4 draws near. Plus, Microsoft acknowledges PlayStation’s dominance, voice actors gear up for a strike, and much more!
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Firmware Update 1.62: Freq on a Leash

Firmware Update: Freq on a Leash

This week on The Firmware Update, Malcolm sees what’s shaking with NBA 2K16 rookie sensation Frequency Vibrations, while Joe finally says what we’re all thinking by comparing Dragon Age Inquisition to the 1994 and ’95 Houston Rockets.
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Firmware Update 1.55: Zeroes Hour

Firmware Update 1.55: Zeroes Hour

This week on The Firmware Update, Joe and Malcolm prepare for Gamescom 2015, consider the latest PlayStation 4 sales numbers, and talk about a number of remakes and remasters … just not before they moan about their day jobs for and extended period of time.
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