Firmware Update 1.62: Freq on a Leash

Firmware Update: Freq on a Leash

This week on The Firmware Update, Malcolm sees what’s shaking with NBA 2K16 rookie sensation Frequency Vibrations, while Joe finally says what we’re all thinking by comparing Dragon Age Inquisition to the 1994 and ’95 Houston Rockets.

Talking Points: Joe dances all night, buys some cookware; the latest PS4 firmware; Shuhei Yoshida doesn’t know what to do about the Vita, and neither do we; Naughty Dog stares into the Golden Abyss and yawns; Tony Hawk and the terrible, horrible, no-good and very bad Pro Skater 5; Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s failed augmentation; Fallout 4’s plan for regular updates; the new Hitman deploys a bold new payment strategy; ex-Criterion developers promise to crash and burn; PlayStation Plus games for October 2015; Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition hits the pits for good; WWE 2K16 roster’s high spots and botches; A Spike Lee Joke.

Write in to the show:

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Hosts: Malcolm Spinedi (@PSMalc) & Joe Garcia (@Wons23)

Music: “Eyes on the Prize” (Intro) & “No More Lies” (Outro) by George and Jonathan

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