Firmware Update 1.51: Season Two

Firmware Update 1.51: Season Two - Uncharted 4

This week on The Firmware Update, an overhaul is long overdue following 150 episodes of the same ol’ same ol’, so Joe brings something new to the table — brutal, unfeeling efficiency and news on the latest Apple products and services! But it’s pretty much mostly just PlayStation still.

Talking Points: So blown away by E3 2015 we missed another week; bidding adieu to PlayStation 3; critics’ choices for the best of E3 2015; Destiny DLC debacles; Driveclub PlayStation Plus is real and unspectacular; throwing the Uncharted baby out with the Last of Us bathwater; one Fallout fan’s bartering skill is through the roof; Tetsuya Nomura is tricked into the helm of Final Fantasy VII Remake; Shenmue 3’s voice acting will be every bit as “good” as the originals; hold Shovel Knight all in your hot little shaking hands; PlayStation Plus games for July 2015.

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