Firmware Update 1.35: The Order: 1886 – Reviewed!

Firmware Update 1.35: The Order: 1886 - Reviewed!

This week on The Firmware Update, Malcolm reviews the first major PlayStation 4 exclusive of 2015 — The Order: 1886.

Talking Points: Gamz Jarnlizm; Sony gearing up to showcase Project Morpheus at GDC; Lionsgate teams up with Telltale Games for a “super show”; Batman: Arkham Knight gets an “M” rating; online heists are coming to Grand Theft Auto V; what Tom Clancy’s The Division and Street Fighter V have in common; the PlayStation Store’s annual Spring Fever event is bigger than ever; Rock Band and Guitar Hero are poised for a comeback tour; The Order: 1886 goes under the microscope; Go Go Gritty Rangers.

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Your Hosts: Malcolm Spinedi (@PSMalc) & Joe Garcia (@Wons23)

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Music: “Eyes on the Prize” (Intro) & “No More Lies” (Outro) by George and Jonathan

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