Firmware Update 1.94: Super Patreon

Firmware Update 1.94: Super Patreon

In the latest news episode of The Firmware Update, Nintendo steals the limelight once again by announcing what we all knew was coming,  while Joe & Malcolm are lured back into Final Fantasy XV with platinum trophies and monster trucks.

Oh, and the show is now on Patreon. Wait, what?!

Talking Points:; whether Nintendo will actually manufacture enough SNES Classics; May 2017 NPD numbers; Final Fantasy XIV is the latest game hindered by Sony’s online policy; Final Fantasy XV goes muddin’; Hitman’s first episode is now free for all;  what’s that about an LA Noire remaster?; Hatsune Miku turns 10; Diablo III’s new Necromancer class; .hack gets a new coat of paint.

Write in to the show:

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Hosts: Malcolm Spinedi (@PSMalc) & Joe Garcia (@Wons23)

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