Firmware Update 1.99: Gimme the Loot

Firmware Update 1.99: Gimme the Loot

With a milestone episode of The Firmware Update approaching, Joe & Malcolm think it’s time to transition the show into one that talks exclusively about the iPhone 8 and all its shortcomings. They quickly decide maybe video games are still the way to go.

Talking Points: Phone shopping; Andrew House leaves Sony after 27 years; PS4 software version 5.0 is out now for everyone; EA shuts down Visceral Games; railing against loot boxes; happy birthday to PlayStation VR; Sony Music dips its toe into multiplatform publishing; SIE is still stubborn about cross-platform play; $46,000 for a copy of Gran Turismo Sport; Street Fighter V confusingly gets an Arcade Edition; Hitman lives.

Write in to the show:

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