Firmware Update 2.06: The Dark Souls of Puzzle Games

Firmware Update 2.06: The Dark Souls of Puzzle Games

In the latest episode of The Firmware Update, we learn that Malcolm truly can compare any game to Dark Souls. Meanwhile, Joe gushes about A Way Out, and both hosts completely forget about Dragon Quest.

Talking Points: ‘Tis the season to get manic about wrestling; Monster Hunter World tops sales charts two months running; the Switch’s historic success; PlayStation VR gets a price cut; getting weepy for Toys ‘R’ Us; the free games hittting PlayStation Plus for April 2018; God of War is on track to hit its dank release date; Yakuza Kiwami 2 gets a domestic release date; Gran Turismo Sport finally hits its stride; everything is Fortnite now; Red Faction Guerilla gets new life with a 4K remaster; Doom gets a major PS4 Pro update; No Man’s Sky goes multiplatform; Dragon Quest XI hits PS4 this fall; Ubisoft fends off Vivendi.

Write in to the show:

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Hosts: Malcolm Spinedi (@PSMalc) & Joe Garcia (@Wons23)

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