Firmware Update 1.43: A Spike Lee Joint

Firmware Update 1.43: A Spike Lee Joint

This week on The Firmware Update, Joe and Malcolm talk about the decline of preorders, Square Enix’s plans for E3 2015, NBA 2K16 doing the right thing, and much more in a news-tastic episode. Also, Malcolm fumbles through a crime scene.

Talking Points: Sherlock Spinedi; Sony ups its financial projections; UK gamers wising up to preorders; Marvel joins Telltale’s stable of licenses; be excited for E3 2015; GTA on BBC; oh right, The Elder Scrolls Online totally exists; Mortal Kombat X DLC; Tony Hawk continues his one-man PR campaign for the inevitable new Pro Skater game; Oddworld: New & Tasty is cross-buy, then isn’t, then is again; Spike Lee is NBA 2K’s latest celebrity partner; go buy Shovel Knight, the best game of 2014; Malcolm lists every anime he’s ever watched; racial politics in comic books; White Black Panther.

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