Firmware Update 1.44: Hill Kill

Firmware Update 1.44: Hill Kill

This week on The Firmware Update, Malcolm angrily mourns the death of Silent Hills, as inevitable as it was. Also, Sony’s latest financials, obvious AAA sequels, and Square Enix ponders fan feedback for Final Fantasy XV.

Talking Points: Malcolm’s dumb new dog; game companies rally to bring relief to Nepal earthquake victims; Silent Hills, we hardly knew ye; phones singlehandedly choking Sony to death; E3 2015 continues to take shape; Call of Duty: Black Ops III advances warfare this November; N64-era platformers threaten a comeback; Watch Dogs 2, duh; Star Wars headlines Disney Infinity 3.0; a wasteland littered with season passes and game of the year/complete editions; changes coming to Final Fantasy XV and its demo; PlayStation Plus games for May 2015; celebrating Child of Light’s first anniversary; first person zombie shooters; Mighty No. 9 gets a release date; the super-uplifting and definitely-not-tragic-at-all story of The Last of Us: Left Behind.

Click here to help Ubisoft and the Canadian Red Cross raise money for Nepal earthquake relief.

Click here to buy a Destiny shirt from Bungie’s shop with all profits going to charities helping Nepal earthquake relief efforts.

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