Firmware Update 1.90: The Phantom Zone

Firmware Update 1.90: The Phantom Zone

In the latest news-only episode of The Firmware Update, Persona 5 has fully stolen Joe & Malcolm’s respective hearts. Also, the good times are rolling for Naughty Dog, and a whole new hardware contender enters the arena. Video games!

Talking Points: Joe’s hot start to the month of April; Malcolm’s less hot start to the month of April; Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gets a release date and price point; Persona 5’s rousing success is lightly marred by baffling share restrictions; Mass Effect: Andromeda starts a two-month plan to fix a game that could have been better off with a two-month delay; Nier: Automata joins the platinum club; Spider-Man PS4 release window confusion; digital bestsellers for March 2017; Dark Souls publisher teases…something; a supremely deep dive into Project Scorpio and what it means for Xbox at E3 2017.

Write in to the show:

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Hosts: Malcolm Spinedi (@PSMalc) & Joe Garcia (@Wons23)

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