Firmware Update 2.04: Game of the Year 2017, Part 2

Firmware Update 2.04: Game of the Year 2017, Part 2

In the latest episode of The Firmware Update, Joe & Malcolm are once again joined by co-founding guest host Tyler Lee to finally, finally, name their 2017 Game of the Year. This was very hard! And yes, they all know it’s March 2018. Continue reading

Firmware Update 2.03: Game of the Year 2017, Part 1

Firmware Update 2.03: Game of the Year 2017, Part 1

On this edition of The Firmware Update, it’s finally time for our long-overdue 2017 Game of the Year tournament. Scheduling has been hectic, so we’re splitting it into two episodes, the first of which covers all eight first-round matchups. In an incredibly loaded year for video games, what shakes out as the cream of the crop? Join Joe, Malcolm, and returning guest Tyler Lee to find out!
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E3 2017 Analysis – Sony

E3 2017 Analysis - Sony

E3 2017 is underway, and Sony is looking to build on the runaway success of the PlayStation 4. Joe & Malcolm talk about what blew them away, what they thought was missing, and much more — give it a listen! Continue reading

Firmware Update 1.90: The Phantom Zone

Firmware Update 1.90: The Phantom Zone

In the latest news-only episode of The Firmware Update,¬†Persona 5 has fully stolen Joe & Malcolm’s respective hearts. Also, the good times are rolling for Naughty Dog, and a whole new hardware contender enters the arena. Video games!
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Firmware Update 1.83: Delicious Cup Noodles

Firmware Update 1.83: Delicious Cup Noodles

This week on The Firmware Update, Joe & Malcolm return from a long absence with an even longer show! Over the course of damn near four hours, they recount the 2016 editions of The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience, all while being hit from all angles with product placement.
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