Firmware Update 2.03: Game of the Year 2017, Part 1

Firmware Update 2.03: Game of the Year 2017, Part 1

On this edition of The Firmware Update, it’s finally time for our long-overdue 2017 Game of the Year tournament. Scheduling has been hectic, so we’re splitting it into two episodes, the first of which covers all eight first-round matchups. In an incredibly loaded year for video games, what shakes out as the cream of the crop? Join Joe, Malcolm, and returning guest Tyler Lee to find out!
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E3 2017 Analysis – Microsoft Media Briefing

E3 2017 Analysis - Microsoft Media Briefing

E3 2017 is underway, and Microsoft is keen on letting us know just what the heck is up with the machine formerly known as Project Scorpio. What do Joe & Malcolm think of the price, and what of all those games they showed off along the way? Jump in and find out! Continue reading