Firmware Update 1.77: Slim Shady

Firmware Update 1.77: Slim Shady

Image credit: Eurogamer

This week on The Firmware Update, Joe and Malcolm catch up on a huge backlog of news, not least of which includes a redesigned PS4 leaking ahead of Sony’s big event in New York City. Also, Malcolm becomes a confused old man halfway through the show.
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Firmware Update 1.69: Puzzle Islands & Zombie Countrysides

Firmware Update 1.69: Puzzle Islands & Zombie Countrysides - Dying Light The Following

Joe and Malcolm are back in the first regular episode of The Firmware Update in its new monthly format, discussing the new releases that they’ve played in the past 30 days or so. Since it’s been a while since the Game of the Year tournament, let’s go ahead and lump the games of January and February together, just this once, yeah? Alright!
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